A catalogue of virtual machine images for bioinformatics

There are many bioinformatics projects that create VMs to make the distribution of their software easier, and they all have their own homepages where they offer their images. is a place where we collect as many images as possible. All to make it easy for the end user to overview, download and use the different images. Enjoy!

Name Description Tags Updated
Name Description Tags Updated
Appl. Pharm. StructBioinf Course image for the course Applied Structural Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, an internet-based course at Uppsala University (5 credits) which is free for all students within EU. dockingmodelingdrug discoverypharmaceutical bioinformatics 2014-10-15
ASH Automated Selection of Hotspots (ASH): enhanced automated segmentation and adaptive step finding for hotspot detection in adrenal cortical cancer. We have implemented an open source automated detection quantitative ranking of hotspots to support histopathologists in selecting the ‘hottest’ hotspot areas ... hotspotscancergalaxy 2014-12-04
Bioinfo course that teaches bioinformatics. bioinformatics 2014-11-03
Bio-Linux Bio-Linux 8 is a powerful, free bioinformatics workstation platform that can be installed on anything from a laptop to a large server, or run as a virtual machine. Bio-Linux 8 adds more than 250 bioinformatics packages to an Ubuntu Linux ... dnarnade novo 2015-01-20
Chipster Chipster is a ready to run virtual machine with a comprehensive collection of bioinformatics packages and reference genomes for next generation sequencing and microarray data analysis. This Ubuntu-based virtual machine caters for bioinformaticians and biologists alike, as the tools can ... pipeline 2014-11-03
CloudBioLinux CloudBioLinux offers genome analysis resources for cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2. We develop freely available, community maintained software images and data repositories for biological analysis. cloudgalaxy 2014-11-03
Cloudgene Cloudgene is a workflow system designed for Hadoop MapReduce. The philosophy behind Cloudgene is to hide the complexity of MapReduce programs from end users and to provide a graphical workflow environment. hadoop mapreduce workflow 2015-01-16
ENCODE VMI+cloud resource Virtual machine instance for the integrated analysis of ENCODE genome wide data at encodegenomics 2014-11-03
GLADX Tool based on phylogeny approach to detect pseudogenes and loss of genes. pseudogenesgene lossphylogeny 2015-06-26
Immunoglobulin Galaxy ImmunoGlobulin Galaxy provides a set of tools for easy detection and quantitation of immunoglobulin heavy chain alternative transcripts. This service is available for downloads as a virtual machine as a Galaxy service. immunoglobulingalaxy 2014-12-04
RSAT Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools. regulatory sequences 2014-10-15
SMRT Analysis SMRT® Analysis is a powerful, open-source bioinformatics software suite available for analysis of DNA sequencing data from Pacific Biosciences’ SMRT technology. Users can choose from a variety of analysis protocols that utilize PacBio® and third-party tools. Analysis protocols include de ... pacbiopipeline 2014-11-03
SV-AUTOPILOT SV-AUTOPILOT: Optimized, automated construction of structural variation discovery and benchmarking pipelines structural variants insertion deletion translocation 2015-05-21